Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day for remembering and celebrating the contributions of our Armed Service members who died in service. The day was originally established originally to honor Union Soldiers who died during the American Civil War, and was originally called Decoration Day. After World War I (WWI) it became a day to honor all armed service member who have died in service. The day traditionally fell on May 30th and was moved to the last Monday of May after the Uniform holidays bill was passed in congress on June 28, 1968 which moved it and three other holidays to Mondays. Memorial is the unofficial start of summer and beginning of a time of vacations and other summer fun. There are races, such as the Indiana 500, many parades, and conferences such as the annual conference at North Stoning Bible Church (NSBC). Indeed Memorial Day is a great time of celebration, and it is ashamed that we can so often forget what we are memorializing.

TAPS at the Carriage Inn in North Kingstown

TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)Tonight the crew from Taps has the Hoof-Fin-Feathers Carriage Inn staked out. I have not had much luck locating any sources indicating that the Carriage Inn is haunted or anything, so I am not sure what motivated them to stake it out. However, I do know that the Carriage Inn is quite an old building and served as a carriage way station as far back as 1760; so you can see the potential for alleged haunting. Additionally, it is possible they may be looking to sell and/or trying to build up a reputation, which may attract tourists and/or buyers. Not to mention there is a cemetery just a few blocks down the road from it, which is a type of place that is often associated with supernatural phenomenon, for whatever reason.

Nikon D3

Nikon D3
The Nikon D3 is the first camera from Nikon to feature a full frame senor, and is Nikon’s current top model. While most DSLRs have a crop factor of about 1.5 because of their smaller senor size, the full frame sensor has no crop factor because it is about the same size as 35mm film (36 x 23.9mm); by comparison the sensor size of the Nikon D80 for example is only 23.6 x 15.8mm. As an added advantage the D3 can still be used with the Nikon DX lens designed for the smaller sensor size as well as the FX lens especially designed for the full frame sensor, although that would negate the advantage of the full frame sensor, you would gain a little speed about 11 frames per second as opposed to the 9 fps in FX mode. This is based on the fact that camera lens were original designed for 35mm film cameras.