International Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

International wear a plunger on your head day

Strangely enough today just so happens to be International wear a plunger on your head day. I have tried to investigate origins of this rather peculiar holiday, but have not had a much luck finding out anything solid about it. One of the best guess I have found proposed, partly in parody is that maybe it was started by a group of plumbers or some plumber’s organization or association. However, even that seems to be a stretch so perhaps the most likely scenario is someone some where started the wacky day as a way to have fun or as some kind of a joke. It seem that whoever invented the holiday has enough sense to put the word international in front of it in order to give it a little credence. You just slap that word ‘international’ on there and it sounds like it is something. The possibilities are endless such as international eat a banana day.

Also, I haven’t had a chance to ask anyone if they would like to model a plunger to create an illustrative picture for this holiday, so I just found some clip art for now. Nonetheless, if anyone would like to model for this holiday let me know and I then I can swap out clip art and have a picture up there to illustrate the story. In fact why not make it a contest! Send in crazy and creative pictures of yourself wearing a plunger on your head (I suggest using a new plunger), the winner will have their picture featured here, and will receive a coupon code for a free photo print. Send entries to:

Of course while this is all in good fun we do interestingly enough have some more meaningful days with international in the name. Apparently, the 20th is International Human Solidarity Day, which is for raising public awareness on the importance of solidarity in fighting poverty. Then of course we have established apart from any man’s agenda a truly international celebration during this whole time of year in the advent season which is the most important and rightfully so the most prominent holiday celebration of the season.

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