Picture of the Day-Blue Angels Sneak Pass

Blue Angel #5 Sneaks Past the Crowd in Quonset Last Sunday

Both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds do a maneuver where they sneak past the crowd. However, what I do not like about the Blue Angels sneak pass is that the announcer always tells everyone look right, while they are coming from the left. So while it does demonstrate how a jet can sneak into a target area undetected, it is not a true demonstration of it because they get a little help from the narrator. Aside from that it is easy to see the speed of these aircraft, even at only high subsonic levels makes them a very hard target for any enemy anti aircraft fire such as AAAs and SAMs. In fact a high subsonic level may be the best speed, because then they avoid the sonic boom which could more easily tip off nearby enemy, who could then radio the anti aircraft sites.

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